Top free antivirus for andorid mobiles 2016

Top free antivirus for andorid mobiles: Mobile phones these days have taken to a whole new level where you can do almost do anything whether it be preparing documents or watching media or any other stuff. It is worth saying that there is a debacle between Android and iOS for the best mobile operating system. However, none of the users nor experts answered the question. Android is an open source operating system and is very much threatened to be infected with malware and other malfunctions properties. Android users over the years have been pleading Google to keep Android more secured. Do your Android device affected with malware or slowing down a bit, here is our pick of top free antivirus for Android mobiles:

antivirus for android



  • 360 Security – Antivirus Boost: One of the best Antivirus security app available for Android right now. Since its launch back in 2010, the app is downloaded by many people all over the world. As per start the of 2016, the application has registered over 100 million downloads with an over all Google Play Store rating of 4.6 till date. Coming to the application, it has a beautiful and minimal design. This antivirus app allows you to scan for malware or other infecting files on your device and remove them with ease. The app even offers you to lock other apps which are installed on your phone.
  • Antivirus and Mobile Security by TrustGo: There is nothing fancy with this application. Developers stick to their basics of implementing an application which lets you scan for malware and remove them if any detected on your device. A built-in privacy guard helps you to allow permissions for each app differently, however, this is only limited to Android 5.1.1 and below because Marshmallow comes with individual app permission by default.
  • AVAST Mobile Security: Avast has been a player in Antivirus market for a quite some time. Avast has been developing antivirus software for Windows all these years and is quite successful, however, the company upped its ante and released their own standalone app for Android. This app also sticks to basics of scanning malware and removing them. But, you can remotely lock your device if you lost it somewhere, which is brilliant.
  • AVG AntiVirus Security: AVG is another antivirus service widely known for their Windows offerings. However, their Android app is famous either with over 100 million downloads and a 4.4 rating overall. The anti-theft feature, task manager, and battery monitoring are some of the special features present in ABG security app.
  • CM Security: CM Security quickly gained attention from many with its intrusive features and attractive locking system. The application scans your device for any malicious software apps or documents and removes them if it detects any of them. There is a task cleaner which helps you to free up RAM on your device. The special feature here is the application lock which locks other apps installed on your device. It even unlocks the apps with the help of Fingerprint sensor which is the first application to do so.

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Best Free File Storage sites List You May Like

File Storage sites : In previous days many people used mail system to store files i.e, they used to send e-mail from one person to other so that they can access the information at two different places. However, the scenario has changed now. Tech-Giants such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc others introduced the file storage services which can also be called as cloud storage services. So, what does a file storage service offer you? It offers you some amount of storage, say it will be 15GB in case of Google Drive, which allows you to store and retrieve you files anywhere. However, there are many cloud services available over the internet. That said, here is our list of Best Free file storage sites 2016.

Free File Storage sites

file storage sites list

  • GOOGLE DRIVE: There is nothing on the world right now Google can’t offer you, in terms of technology. Google Drive offers you 15GB of cloud storage so that you can store your files online whether it be media, photos, or documents and access them anywhere in the world by logging into your Google account. In addition to that, Google recently introduced standalone app of Google Drive for all the operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. That being said and done, Google Drive is one of the best Free file storage sites available right now.


  • Dropbox: Dropbox quickly gained attention from one and all with its reliable service. However, the storage space given to an average user is limited to 2GB, which is more than for people who only want to store their documents. If you are a media enthusiast then there are options to expand storage by paying to the company. You can get 1TB of storage for around INR 700 and Dropbox is currently running a referral program where you can get 500MB of free storage for each friend you refer.


  • OneDrive from Microsoft: Microsoft also has their own file storage site- the OneDrive which has all the minimal functionalities offered by a cloud storage service. The company will credit 15GB of free storage for just signing up to their service, which is brilliant. If you own a Windows machine, you can get additional benefits of syncing the data in background. That said, the company has standalone app for every operations system and an mobile app too.


  • Box: Box is one of the file storage site which offers a cloud storage of 10GB for simply signing up on their site. However, there are additional plans to bump up the storage upto 100GB for just $5. Additionally, Box also has desktop app for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile app for Android, iOS, and Blackberry.


  • Apple iCloud: Apple forayed into cloud storage business in the year of 2010, however, the storage is only limited to Apple devices such as MacBook, iPhone, iPod, and iPad. For each user who registers with Apple, they will be rewarded with 5GB of iCloud storage which is measly enough for many people who own an iPhone because it syncs each and every file to the cloud storage itself.
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